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Industry Changes Law Firms Can’t Afford to Ignore

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Since March of 2020, COVID-19 has brought more change to the legal profession than the past decade. In this short timeframe, lawyers and staff have adapted to working from home, and clients have grown accustomed to meeting with legal professionals online — and will still desire the same even when the pandemic is under control. Moreover, remote work and technology adoption have become instrumental in business continuity and cutting costs. In this guide, we'll explore how COVID has changed the profession — and more importantly, discuss what lawyers can and must do to embrace the changes that we've experienced, and make them a permanent part of their practices.

In this guide, you’ll learn:
  Key insights into how remote working will transform day-to-day operations in practice management
  Guidance on how technology tools will help you meet emerging client expectations
  Future modifications of ethics rules to accommodate law firms broadly operating online
  Tactics to keep your business financially sustainable during an economic downturn